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Aggressive development pressure experienced by many municipalities throughout the United States has put unprecedented demands on an already strained utility infrastructure.


Storm and sanitary sewer systems are especially vulnerable with failure of these systems potentially costing our towns and cities significant resources to remediate. Periodic inspection of utilities can help proactively identify potential problems and assist in the development of proactive solutions.

Lateral Inspection & Mapping

A lateral launch sewer inspection allows for a closed‐circuit television (CCTV) video inspection of pipes, including mainline and lateral pipelines, and is ideal for identifying situations that do not allow for a typical visual inspection. Pipes are inspected from the mainline to the lateral; searching for cross bores, pipe defects and structural issues.

Cross Bore Prevention & Mitigation

Cross bores are dangerous and unintended intersections of utility lines. Cross bores can cause backups in the sewer lateral, damage the structural integrity of a pipe, or even cause severe explosions. CCTV services can prevent gas line cross bores and is critical to minimize the risk of property damage, injury and loss of life.

Water & Sewer Mapping

Our utility locating services are enhanced by our ability to discover, inspect, and map water and sewer systems by using robotic video pipe cameras, push cameras, and lateral launch cameras. Our Video Pipe Inspection (VPI) services ensure you can receive a comprehensive map of your sewer system including hard to discover elements like lateral lines.

Water & Sewer Inspection

VPI services can help discover a collapsed sewer lateral, duct, or an unknown blockage in a pipe. This service is a non‐destructive option that limits project delays and budget overruns by locating the exact impediment in your water or sewer line including bellies, collapses, tree roots, lateral taps, cross bores, etc.

Service Benefits

CCTV Pipe Inspections save our clients time and money, increase safety of employees and the general public and reduce risks.

CCTV pipe inspections are one of the most cost‐effective methods for detecting problems early and providing a point of contact for the public. Leaks, obstructions,breaks, fractures, abnormal conditions, corrosion, etc.

Pipe inspections can make a significant impact on major water infrastructure condition assessment, maintenance, and construction.

Regular inspection has shown to increase overall maintenance costs by up to 25 percent, but overall savings can be as high as 90 percent when compared to the consequence of undetected and resolved issues.

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