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At SGC, we specialize in providing comprehensive Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services to help businesses and organizations make informed decisions about their operations. Our team of highly skilled and experienced GIS professionals is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that meet our clients’ unique needs.


Built on the ArcGIS Online Platform, we deliver responsive, accurate and cost-effective GIS solutions in support of your project needs. We believe in operator friendly solutions and working closely with our clients in developing plans that support their specific needs.

GIS Dashboard

Pipeline As-Built Surveying and Material Tracking

  • Survey grade GIS data collection and web map/dashboard solution complete with project document and material tracking capabilities to support MEGA Rule compliance requirements.

  • Comprehensive data deliverables that are TVC (Traceable, Verifiable, & Complete) compliant and customizable to client’s needs.

  • Solution works on both linear (smaller distribution projects all the way to large transmission projects) and station projects.

Civil Survey and Utility Asset Tracking Integration

  • Near real-time survey field data collection for Civil Survey and SUE A&B projects

  • Esri Web Map and Dashboards for near real-time project status and data viewing (GIS, LiDAR, planimetric, aerial imagery, and SUE A-D) for project stakeholders.

  • Project Reporting and Visualization to track project status, field/asset image capture, and data deliverables.

  • Configurable GIS or CAD data deliverables with field image and/or report attachments

Service Benefits

GIS Mapping & Analysis

GPS Data Collection

and Mapping

GIS Database Design and Management

Solutions Development

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