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Accurate location of subsurface utilities is a critical factor in the success of many infrastructure projects. Encountering undiscovered utilities during construction can incur unanticipated costs in the form of re‐engineering and construction delays along with safety concerns.


We understand the challenges associated with accurate designation and location of subsurface facilities and employ highly skilled staff equipped with modern designation equipment to help mitigate these risks our clients may experience.

Quality Levels of Subsurface Utility Location

  • Quality Level A— Precise mapping of features through nondestructive exposure of underground utility. (Test‐Holes)

  • Quality Level B— Mapping of features through surface geophysical techniques and specialized equipment. (Designating)

  • Quality Level C— Mapping of surface features in conjunction with existing utility records.(Records research with limited field investigation)

  • Quality Level D— Visualization of utility features through compilation of existing utility records. (Records research)

Service Benefits

By understanding our client’s goals and current technology, we develop cost‐effective solutions for projects.

Our experienced staff work closely with our clients to understand client objectives and act as an extension of client staff by providing project and technical resource support.

Experienced geospatial professionals with a focus on the management of information.

Offices spread throughout the United States allowing quick and responsive solutions for our clients.

Have a question or need some advice? Talk to one of our experts today.
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