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Recent advances in aeronautics have made small, mobile airframe mapping a reality. sUAS platforms can safely and rapidly collect mapping and imagery data, providing a cost effective solution to many complex mapping challenges.


SGC has extensive experience with integrating sUAS and traditional survey data to provide accurate, cost effective solutions to a wide range of client needs.


SGC Offers a Full Range of sUAS Mapping & Inspection Solutions:

  • LiDAR data collection and classification

  • Ability to provide LiDAR data in fully classified PLS‐CADD compatible formats

  • High resolution aerial imagery (vertical and oblique)

  • Emergency response inspections

  • Mining operation support and volumetric analysis

  • Infrastructure mapping

  • Inspections and progress tracking

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Vegetation management

Service Benefits

sUAS platforms compliant with many Client’s Country of Origin regulations

Cost effective mapping solutions when compared to manned aircraft (fixed wing or rotary) for small and mid sized projects

Multiple FAA Part 107 licensed sUAS pilots and air frames/sensors to address critical path projects

Integration of inspection data with web accessed GIS portals allows for review of imagery and video in a geospatially meaningful context.

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