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Hydro & Air Vacuum Excavation Services

SGC’s professionals provide comprehensive support for our client’s subsurface investigation needs. A thorough understanding of the complexities of traffic and safety management, protection of utility assets, site remediation, and proper disposal of excavated materials brings value to our client’s projects where accurate horizontal and vertical location of subsurface features are required.

SGC Offers Full Service Vacuum Excavation & Site Remediation Services:

  • Vacuum Excavation

  • Hydraulic Excavation

  • Site Remediation

  • Industrial Services

  • Transportation, Disposal, and Management of Soil Waste

  • CCTV Pipe Inspection and Storm Drain Cleaning

  • Emergency Response

  • Traffic Control

  • Utility Boring Support

  • QL‐A test holes in accordance with the CI/ASCE 38‐02 SUE standard

Service Benefits

A program of continual training of staff with respect to traffic safety, DOT compliance, vacuum excavation and remediation best practices ensures project success.

A strong focus on safety with all staff trained in proper traffic control methodologies

Vacuum excavation services supported by skilled subsurface utility locators and surveyors equipped with geophysical location equipment and ground penetrating radar.

Minimally invasive process that allows for the accurate determination of the horizontal and vertical location of subsurface features

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