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Electric Infrastructure Upgrade and Renewable Project Survey

Client Challenge

Provide survey services and project expertise to support infrastructure upgrades and new facilities for over 200 miles of transmission lines for a large electric utility.

How We Helped

Route of Line Survey: Performed Route of Line topographic surveys for over 200 miles of transmission lines in support of infrastructure upgrades and new facilities. Transmission voltages of these projects varied from 115kV through 500kV. Topographic surveys were executed utilizing a combination of aerial LiDAR, ground survey, and sUAS acquired LiDAR where appropriate.

ALTA/NSPS Boundary Survey: To date, SGC has performed certified boundary surveys with title review for five significant PV solar projects totaling over 10,000 acres. Deliverables included ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys to ensure legal encumbrances of physical features did not exist that could potentially impact development potential for each of these sites.

ACOE Canal Crossing Permit As-Built Surveys: Performed as-built surveys for multiple newly constructed transmission lines crossing over navigable waters. Surveys complied with ACOE Permit requirements.

Canal Submarine Crossing Surveys: Performed right of way retracement surveys for existing transmission corridors, sUAS based LiDAR and photogrammetric base plan development, and SUE Quality Level B utility location supporting the landing area design of over one dozen proposed submarine cable canal crossings

Phases H2, J, & K Construction Staking: Construction staking as built confirmation of foundations supporting a significant 500kV transmission line project

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